My Photographic Identity

Finding a
style as a photographer, or any creative, is hard, and for someone as eclectic
as myself, it’s even harder. I’ve always been a bit of a juxtaposition in life,
fingers in all the pies, desperate to try everything out and leave no stone
unturned! I’ve been a Cheerleader that listens to heavy metal, I’ve sang in a
traditional choir and played bass guitar, I love getting dressed up and going
out, and am also an avid gamer. All these contradictions make me who I am, and
I think my life is more interesting for it! Not to mention, I think it really
shows in my work, whist portraiture is and always will be my first love,
there’s so much scope within that!

photography style can be broken down clearly into different stages of my life,
College, University, and Graduation (aka, now.) I would say I’ve always been
quite bold and colourful, but I started out shooting ‘alt-models’, I loved
photographing alternative models with their bright hair, tattoos, and bold

That developed into more of a traditional style whilst I was studying,
although I was somehow shooting way less. 

Now I’ve graduated I’m stuck in the
pull between fairytale like fine-art, and bold editorial, but I love both, so
I’ll keep creating both. I can only hope you, my audience, enjoy seeing these
two sides of me, and possibly like seeing the odd landscape/flower/cat every
now and then too!

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